Free Mulch

Organic mulch

Here at Treeweta we offer free truck load of tree mulch which comes to about 7 cubic metres. We only deliver locally ( see map for range of delivery)

delivery mapIMG_9365

 Delivery costs $60

– Tree mulch ( a mixture of wood and leaves )

Free delivery

– Mixture of palm and tree mulch. Palm does not mulch up as small, so chunks of fronds may be visible. May not look as good but still has same benefits.

 Benefits of mulching are:

– Helps to keep weeds away

– Reduces soil moisture loss through evaporation

– Insulates soil, protecting roots from extreme cold and hot temperatures

– Aeration and drainage is improved

– Acts as compost and fertilizes the tree

How to apply mulch

– Make sure the thickness of mulch spread is between 5 – 10 cm

– Mulch must not be pressed against the base of the tree. ( insect and disease problems can develop)

Just call to arrange delivery.

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