Tree trimming

Pruning your trees

At Treeweta we have trained and qualified Arborists who can carry out the tree work following modern arboricultural practices. Using ladders, ropes and harnesses to access the trees safely.


Keeping your interests and the trees health in mind to get the job done right.

Pruning for light/view restoration

Trees can grow rather large. If left can be a problem blocking the sun and shading your house or block that view you once had of the city or harbour.. If you have a tree or trees that you create these issue and you do not want it removed. There are a couple of options you can go with.


Thinning involves removing selected branches throughout the middle of the tree to allow light or your view to filter through. Doing this allows the tree to retain its shape and form and over time train the tree to concentrate its growth away from the centre so there is less maintenance in the futrue.

Reducing the size of the tree

Reducing the whole size of the tree to allow the sun to go over and around oppose to through. For your view reduce the tree so you can see over it. At the same time pruning to shape and keep the trees natural form.


Pruning from house / powerlines

Damage to your home from trees.

Trees can cause significant damage to your home if left.

–   Branches rubbing against the house.

–   Dampness caused by shading from the tree and leaves on the roof.

–   Roots expanding and causing problems to your pavement, driveway and foundation.

Regular pruning to your trees can fix all these problems. In extreme cases the tree may have to be remove.

house powerlines

Pruning trees away from power-lines.

The biggest threat to power/phone lines are trees falling on them or branches breaking off and breaking the lines. So it is a good idea to get some clearance between the tree and lines. In some cases where the tree is unstable, the tree may have to be removed all together.

We are qualified and trained to work around phonelines/200volt and 400volt powerlines. We work with phone and power companies to get to lines temporarily dropped or de-energized if required.


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